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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority % Done Subject Author Assignee Target version
210 Report a bugClosedNormal

LIF subimages not shown for selectionDanielDaniel3.1.0
203 Report a bugClosedNormal

Problem retrieving email address in an ActiveDirectory forest.NikoAaron3.2.0
418 Report a bugClosedNormal

HRM error after updateHRM 3.2.2 Steven3.2.2
342 Report a bugClosedNormal

Cannot select files containing blanksAnonymousAaron3.2.2
448 Report a bugClosedNormal

Upload file widget doesn't respondDanielNiko3.3.0
433 Report a bugClosedNormal

Issue when building the developer list in the footerAaronAaron3.3.0
431 Report a bugClosedNormal

Apache Error Logs: "Notice: Undefined index: extension in ..."GeorgAaron3.3.0
430 Report a bugClosedNormal

Queue gets stuck, when hostname is longer than 30 charsGeorgDaniel3.3.0
403 Report a bugClosedNormal

Broken icon links in Results/Preview sectionTorstenAaron3.3.0
344 Report a bugClosedNormal

package php5-mysql must be installed even for PostgreSQL databaseAnonymousAaron3.3.0
343 Report a bugClosedNormal

Jobs with output file format "IMS (Imaris Classic)" failAnonymousAaron3.3.0
333 Report a bugClosedLow

installer creashes during package unpacking (Debian 7)FelixTorsten3.3.0
320 Report a bugClosedNormal

Huygens Queue StatusAnonymousDaniel3.3.0
674 Report a bugClosedHigh

Jobs in queue that are not done and try to delete they remain "broken"AnonymousAaron3.7.0
495 Report a bugNewNormal

confirm Form Resubmission notificationWouter4.0.0
360 Report a bugWait For FeedbackNormal

Jobs fail when subimages of LIF file contain two consecutive blanksSebastianDaniel4.0.0
335 Report a bugNewLow

Issue with non ASCII characters in filenames.Anonymous4.0.0
357 Report a bugNewNormal

wrong microscope typeAlexandreDanielKnown issues
688 Report a bugNewHigh

HRM requests are brokenAnonymous
684 Report a bugNewNormal

Deconvolution job of ".nd" file stuckAnonymous
681 Report a bugWait For FeedbackNormal

No Calendar available at Statistics tabAnonymousDaniel
672 Report a bugClosedHigh

Uploaded Images Not Avaiable for launching JobsAnonymous
659 Report a bugNewUrgent

Unable to launch a jobAnonymous
479 Report a bugClosedNormal

lif reading problemFelixFelix
172 Report a bugClosedNormal

Standard user folders are not created ChrisChris

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