From 2016-05-17 to 2016-06-15


16:58 Feature request #500: Possibility for admin to change default file format output
That's a very good idea which shouldn't be too hard to implement. Niko
11:57 Feature request #501 (New): After submitting a job - go to the Queue manager
After submitting a job, the HRM goes back to the homepage. There is no confirmation that the job has been added, and ... Wouter
11:50 Feature request #500 (Closed): Possibility for admin to change default file format output
Currently the default output is always set to ICS.
It would give more flexibility if the HRM admin could change the...
11:49 Feature request #499 (New): Add coverslip editor for spherical aberration correction
- Default setting should be to always correct for spherical aberration.
- Just like in Huygens Essential, and Prof...
11:43 Feature request #498 (New): Analysis step for single channel images: omit for single channel images
When you have a single channel image, the stage for analysis (4/5) is still shown, but completely grayed out (since i... Wouter
11:38 Feature request #497 (New): Improvement suggestions for selecting image stage
1.) Group file formats together, for example:
Zeiss LSM
Zeiss CZI
Zeiss ZVI
Olympus VSI
Olympus OIF
11:33 Feature request #496 (New): suggestions for improving website experience
* enlarge width of HRM interface, using large screens there is a large white space left and right which can be used.
11:25 Report a bug #495 (New): confirm Form Resubmission notification
After trying to connect to OMERO it is not possible to use the ' back' button in the browser. You have to click multi... Wouter
11:22 Feature request #494 (Closed): Add text label to icons at template selection stage
Because there are sometimes 8 different icons it is difficult to keep them apart. Adding small text labels improves u... Wouter
11:18 Feature request #492 (Closed): font types and sizes not very consistent.
Too many different font ypes and sizes are present on different webpages. Some fonts hardly readable without zooming. Wouter
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