From 2013-10-07 to 2013-11-05


00:35 Feature request #152 (Wait For Feedback): draw more attention to the results preview page
On top of the changes already in 3.0.3 I changed the text a bit in commit hrmdev:commit:13d7d6e trying to get more at... Niko
00:31 Feature request #152: draw more attention to the results preview page
Again, the original feature request on sourceforge was coming from me.
Daniel fixed enlarged the size of the link ...
00:05 Feature request #151 (Wait For Feedback): make selection lists resizable
Fixed in commit hrmdev:commit:60321d1 by adjusting the central CSS file to allow resizing in both directions.
17:54 Feature request #151: make selection lists resizable
This was initially reported/requested by me. With some quick hacking, I found out this is possible using this CSS pro... Niko
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