Support request #348

Updated by Niko about 5 years ago


Trying to get my HRM 3.2.1 install on Ubuntu Server 14.04 working, but I keep running into database issues, e.g. issues.

duplicate key value violates unique constraint "username_pkey" Key (name)=() already exists

One thing I have found is that even though I'm using postgres, it still requires php5-mysql, which makes no sense.

Further, I cannot actually insert or update records in the DB via the web frontend, as they are always met with:


2015-01-09 12:32:05 UTC ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "username_pkey"
2015-01-09 12:32:05 UTC DETAIL: Key (name)=() already exists.
2015-01-09 12:32:05 UTC STATEMENT: INSERT INTO username (name, password, email, research_group, status) VALUES ('', 'b9e5a415478e6cea972f38b7f52f457c', '', '',

Perhaps I am doing something odd/wrong in the postgres setup, but I don't think so. This box already has an active and valid postgres db running on it, working just fine. The postgres db for HRM was created by the pre-population mechanism found in the updatedb.php tool you've written. It injected the correct users, the right passwords in the initial - but whenever I try to add a user, the web page says "There is a database problem. Contact the person in charge"...