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Deconvoluted images do not show in the results folder

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I wanted to use the Huygens Remote Manager from the University of Bern and launched a job for several images. I used the same settings that I used during a microscopy course at the university of Bern called “Deconvolution Microscopy” on June 30th. I could see in the Queue status that the images are getting processed. However, after finishing the deconvolution, the images did not show up in the Results folder as previously during the course. I did not get any error message or similar, all looked exactly like during the course except that the images do not show up in the folder.
Do you have an idea what the problem could be and how I could solve it?
I tried to edit the images one by one instead of a batch, but this did not help neither. Also, I did not get a confirmation mail that the HRM job finished. My files are nd2 files and from issues reported by others it seemed that nd files might be a bit problematic. However, during the course I also worked with nd2 files and there was not problem.


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Since the installation at Bern has been working fine up until recently I would guess that this is an issue with the license.

I will contact Yury Belyaev to figure this out. Thanks for reporting!


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Indeed, it was a licensing issue. It should be fixed now.

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