Feature request #501

After submitting a job - go to the Queue manager

Added by Wouter about 4 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2016-06-15
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After submitting a job, the HRM goes back to the homepage. There is no confirmation that the job has been added, and that something is actually happening. It would give some confidence if the user can clearly see that the job is added to the queue.

This could be done by directly showing the current queue after the job is submitted. It would be nice if the last job(s) submitted by the user are highlighted in the queue overview, or that the submitted job(s) are clearly stated on top of the queue overview. This way the user can see that the job has been submitted successfully, and in addition, the user can estimate how long it will take before the job is processed (or the HRM can give an estimation for the user?)

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