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Jobs fail when subimages of LIF file contain two consecutive blanks

Added by Sebastian over 5 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Target version:HRM Development - 4.0.0


Dear HRM developers,

Deconvolution jobs fail when I supply a LIF file with subimages that have two consecutive blanks in the name. The error message is as follows:

Error: failed task 0: ReportErrorAndExit: fatal error: Failed to open /local/data/huygens_data/uhrigs/src/subimages_with_two_blanks.lif for original, got Error: command img_open: Failed to open file.Error: Failed to open file.

I tracked the issue down to select_images.php. I believe it collapses two consecutive spaces to one: In the list "Selected Images" it already shows only one blank. If I modify the job script (.hgsp file in the upload folder) to correctly reflect the two blanks, then the job runs fine.

If you want me to supply a sample file, just ask. But the error is fairly easy to reproduce.



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Hi Sebastian,

this sounds exactly like bug #230 that was supposed to be fixed in 3.2.0 - could you confirm which version of the HRM you are running?

As far as I can see Daniel made the fixes back then, maybe you could have a look at the history of this file together?


#2 Updated by Sebastian over 5 years ago

Hi Niko,

We are using version 3.2.1. But I recently had a similar issue with blanks in file names on the file selector page (see bug #342). Daniel gave me a patch for this. Maybe this introduced a regression?

I cannot find a bug with #230, but if you are referring to this change:
then, I agree my bug report does sound very much the same.


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#4 Updated by Aaron almost 5 years ago

Daniel will look up the patch he sent to Sebastian and attach it to the issue. The blank space code '160' was reverted in a later commit to standard  . This might have fixed the issue already.

#5 Updated by Aaron over 4 years ago

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#6 Updated by Daniel over 3 years ago

I've looked all over the place but could not find the patch that I sent to Sebastian.

#7 Updated by Aaron over 3 years ago

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We should have some core functionality in FileserverV2 that takes care of robust string escaping and handling, to be used in HTML + Javascript, to be passed on to QM/hucore and if still needed to be stored in the DB. Most likely, there are libraries on for this purpose.

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