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make selection lists resizable

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Category:Feature RequestEstimated time:1.00 hour
Target version:HRM Development - 3.1.0


This is inspired by the ability of recent Firefox and Webkit-based browsers (Chrome, Safari) regarding common "textarea" input fields:
Especially for selection lists that can contain many items like the file lists in the image selection step or the "File manager" it would be very useful to make those selection lists resizable by the user, as it is possible with textarea-input fields. Don't know if that works for selection lists, though. If not, it would be very nice to make the lists at least bigger.


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This was initially reported/requested by me. With some quick hacking, I found out this is possible using this CSS property for the selection lists:

resize: vertical;

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Fixed in commit hrmdev:commit:60321d1 by adjusting the central CSS file to allow resizing in both directions.

Currently only explicit types of "select" entities are resizable, it should be discussed whether this could be allowed for all others as well.

Feedback is welcome about the "both" setting for resizability. I prefer it over the "vertical" as it gives the user the freedom to adjust the lists to what he/she needs.

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Aaron pointed out that I missed to add this to the CSS used by Internet Explorer.

I fixed this now in commit:66373fb, however IE doesn't support the "resize" attribute up to this day. As it silently ignores it, I decided to put it there anyway just in case someone in Redmond wakes up and fixes their browser.

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Ready for the upcoming 3.1.0 release...

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Cherry-picked commits into 3.1.0 branch:

  • hrmdev:commit:6e68662d
  • hrmdev:commit:fd4466ee

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